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electric thermal oil heater for heating aniline

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As the heat-conducting oil has stable heating performance,good heat transfer performance,low vapor pressure as well as the advantages of non-toxic,tasteless,non-corrosive to equipment etc.Our electric heating conducting oil furnace has been applied 

by more companies gradually.



The Features For This System Are:

1. High-quality heat source

2. To save energy and low operating costs

3. Low Equipment Investment

4. Safety

5. Environmental Protection

6. Widely Application




It can be applied in the following areas: by high-temperature shaping, plate heating,rubber,drying,dyeing and printing,chemical industry,plywood production,rolled water-proof material production,asphalt heating,non-woven hot-rolled machine,fiber glass press machine,reaction kettle,mold,drying room,oven and other heating required industries.



Please note that our factory also accept customization,you can tell us your specific requirement,we will design a suitable product for you.

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