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Cabinet Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Furnace

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It applied the principle that the synthetic polymer decomposed under the condition that isolating from the air in the vacuum state 

and the high temperature around 500 ℃.It owns the advantages of little environmental pollution,perfect cleaning of the spinning board,smoothed nozzle hole,extension the life of the spinneret board as well as shorter working hours,energy saving,easy to operate,good washing effect and high degree of automation etc. It is the updated products for replacing the triethylene glycol cleaning furnace and salt-bath furnace. Vacuum cleaning furnace is also applicable to the cleaning of the die-head and filter elements in the plastic industry.




Vacuum cleaning furnace was used for cleaning the ordinary spinning plates,abnormal shaped spinneret plate,fine denier board,component housing for the terylene,polypropylene fiber,non-woven fabrics etc. of the chemical fiber cleaning industry.

It can also be used for washing the filter elements.


Please note that our factory also accept customization,you can tell us your specific requirement,we will design a suitable product for you.

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